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Loving Ottawa

Sharing our time, talents, and treasure is an important way to worship the Giver of all good things. The money given to our church is completely voluntary. The deacons of Jubilee Church will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your gifts. We pledge to be good stewards of your gifts, taking great care in how we manage and track the resources entrusted to us. Regular voluntary contributions to the operational budget of Jubilee Church are tax deductible.

Here is a list of initiatives and organizations Jubilee Church supports in Ottawa:

Those in need within Jubilee

Free will offerings are gathered up by Jubilee's deacons on Sundays to ensure no members or friends of Jubilee live in dire financial need.

Jubilee Soup & Socks Street Ministry

Teams of volunteers offer cups of hot soup and pairs of warm socks to our fellow Ottawans who live outside on the streets of downtown Ottawa during the winter.  

Ottawa Food Bank

Free will offerings of non perishable food items are are gathered up by Jubilee's deacons on Holy Supper Sundays. The gifts are delivered to the Ottawa food bank.

Free will offerings are gathered up by Jubilee's deacons on select Sundays throughout the year for the following organizations:

Sharing the light of hope with the world

Jubilee Church, along with the churches that we are federated with, supports many missions and outreach programs in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world. Here is a list of missionaries, missions, and missional organizations that Jubilee Church supports across Canada and around the world:


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