Pentecostal vs Reformed

Hey Pastor, long time no see.

It might seem kind of random that I am emailing you but I have a question for you.

A friend of mine goes to a Pentecostal church and keeps bugging me to come out and try it out. But I don’t know anything about that church, could you possibly enlighten me?

I am not thinking about changing churches but I would like to know how they compare to a Reformed Church. I read their faith statement online but couldn’t figure out where they were going with it all.

Thanks for your time. Cheers.


Good to hear from you again.

Just like there are differences between various Reformed churches, so there are differences between various Pentecostal churches. Having said that, there are some main similarities.

1. They emphasize the continuing gifts of Pentecost (Acts 2), especially that of speaking in tongues. Whereas the Reformed churches believe those gifts have ceased with the death of the apostles and the closing of the canon of the New Testament, they believe they are still in force. If you were to go to such a church, it would not be unusual for someone to stand up and start speaking in a “language” that no one would understand. I put “language” in scare quotes, because it would not be any real language but, to put it bluntly, gibberish. The chapter of the NT to study is 1 Cor 14 (with a reliable commentary).

2. So far as I know, all Pentecostal churches reject the Reformed view of the covenant and infant baptism. They will hold to a believer baptism.

3. They will reject the Reformed teachings of salvation and embrace, rather, an Arminian doctrine.

I hope that helps. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Pastor George

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