Love Ottawa!

The Lord has shown us what is good and what he requires of us; “…to act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8

As a congregation of believers committed to following our Lord Jesus Christ, we want to show God’s justice and mercy to our city. We can do this by “putting on Christ”, working together in the ‘office of all believers’, and thus we will show others who Jesus Christ is, by the love He gives to us to share.

Love Ottawa! is an ongoing initiative that creates and facilitates programs and regular events designed with two key things in mind.
1. In-Reach: Initiatives that help us grow in Christ
2. Out-Reach: Initiatives that help others know Christ

As a way of In-Reach, Jubilee Church’s Love Ottawa! initiative brings members of all ages together using strategic one-day events and regular programs to create opportunities to serve the timely and practical needs of our city. This fosters Christ-like love and attitudes, as well as creating a mentoring environment that spans generations.

The Love Ottawa! ministry aims to serve others so that they might realize Christ’s work in their lives by the love we share. It is our goal to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of our city by having a regular presence on our city streets.

Taking part in a Love Ottawa! event is only warming you up to ‘run the race’ each and every day. Whoever or wherever you are – Show Christ’s Love!

Below are some examples of how Love Ottawa! is serving its city. Contact us if you would like information regarding how to get involved in these events or how to get started loving the area you live in.

Advent Jubilee
It’s about putting Christ back in Christmas. Advent Jubilee is a beautiful way of “setting free” your time to worship more and to love one another as Christ loved us. We want to invite you on a journey. A journey that starts now and doesn’t end until the second Advent Jubilee! Read more…

The Ottawa Mission
Every Saturday, in rotation, two members from our congregation help with serving a meal to the homeless and needy at the downtown Ottawa Mission.

Food Bank Sundays
The Sundays we celebrate holy supper are also designated ‘Food Bank Sundays.’ The Lord has given us the bread of life; we respond in thankfulness by giving our neighbours their daily bread. Love Ottawa! supports Ottawa Innercity Ministries with regular food bank donations.

Soup ‘n Socks Service Opportunity
Besides not having a home or permanent place to live, the homeless of our city can experience difficult times during Ottawa winters. Love Ottawa! coordinates the Soup ‘n Socks Service Opportunity. Every month during the winter, warm socks, cups of hot homemade soup and bibles are given to those living on the streets of Ottawa. Every other month during the summer, cold bottled water, granola bars and bibles are also given out on our city streets.

Project Linus
The women and girls of our congregation get together and make warm blankets for ‘Project Linus’ in Ottawa.

Spring/Autumn Clean up in Ottawa
Love Ottawa! puts together teams of kids mentored along by ‘young adult’ team leaders to go out into Ottawa city neighbourhoods and join in on the annual Spring and Fall Cleaning campaigns.

Jubilee Blood Bankers
Love Ottawa! organizes a regular team of Blood Donors to show up at an Ottawa blood clinic to show their love by donating their blood.

There are many ways in which to loves one’s city. We continue to explore ways to obey the command to “love your neighbour as yourself.” See the sidebar calendar for upcoming events.

~Love Ottawa!