Ottawa Men's Advance - 2009

Praise the Lord!
This past Men’s Advance was life changing. It was a refreshing time and a weekend that will not soon be forgotten.

Pastor Ian held two seminars:

As part of the discussions on holiness and purity in our marriages, we watched the movie, Fireproof.

Here are some questions to think about during the movie:

General questions:

  • Was, or, how was God’s Holy character made evident in the movie?
  • After conversion, did Caleb understand his new status in Christ, that is, as set apart for Christ?
  • Did Caleb, or, how did Caleb seek to set his mind, his will and his desires to become more like Christ?

Specific questions:

  • When talking about parasites in marriage, The Love Dare writes, “destroy any addiction that has your heart or it will destroy you.” Are there parasites in your marriage that need to be destroyed? How will you destroy them?
  • While caring for Catherine while she is sick, Caleb apologizes for the poor husband he’s been. Do you require your spouse’s forgiveness for anything? What keeps you from asking for it?
  • After seeing and discussing Fireproof, what is the most important thing you believe God wants you to do—right now—to improve your marriage (or relationship)?
  • What support and advice would you give to a man who is addicted to pornography, or even continually jokes about anything related to pornography?
  • What support and advice would you give to a woman you know whose husband is caught up in pornography?

Guard your heart:
Here are a few really great ways to protect yourself and your families against evil from outside the home as well as against your own sinful desires.