Fellowship Groups

Critical to a healthy church are fellowship groups. The Bible teaches that the congregation is like a human body. The various parts of a person’s body work together for the good of the whole body. If one part is suffering, the other parts help out. For instance, if you injure your left arm, your right arm will instinctively grab the injured arm and hold it. In a similar way, the members of the congregation help each other.

One way in which we help each other is by meeting together during the week in fellowship groups. As we meet together, we read the Bible, study it and other topics, pray, and encourage each other.

Jubilee Church has several groups that are organized geographically. As well we have a seniors group for the golden members of the congregation and a college and careers group for the young adults, both single and married.

At Jubilee, all members are encouraged to join at least one fellowship group.